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What Are The Things That Are Included In End of Lease Cleaning?

End Of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne

There are a few things that are commonly included in End Of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne, but it really depends on the individual leasing company or landlord’s specific requirements. Generally, though, you can expect to have to clean the bathroom, kitchen, floors, and carpets. You may also be responsible for polishing any appliances or furniture that were included in your lease agreement. If you have any questions about what is expected of you as far as cleaning goes when you’re moving out, be sure to ask your leasing company or landlord before you start packing!

For renters and landlords, the end of lease cleaning can be a hassle. It’s important to remember that it can also be quite a lot of work for your cleaners. To make sure both parties are happy with the end result, it’s best to communicate with each other about what exactly needs to be done. Here are some areas that should always be included at an end of lease cleaning:

End Of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne

Thoroughly Clean All Bathrooms

Thoroughly clean all bathrooms. The bathrooms, especially the shower and bathtub, will be heavily soiled and stained. This is a must-do when you are cleaning your rental property as you want to make sure that it is presentable for the next tenant.

Remove all soap scum, hard water stains, and mold or mildew on the walls of your tubs or showers. You can use a soft sponge dipped in warm water to remove these stains prior to using any chemicals that may damage your property’s tile surface or grout lines if not used correctly. You should also make sure that there are no hairs left behind since this could attract bugs such as termites into your home after moving out of it!

Clean All Kitchen Appliances And Cupboards 

Next, we’ll clean all kitchen appliances. This means cleaning the inside of your oven, microwave, fridge and dishwasher. We’ll also clean every cupboard in your kitchen to remove any grease or dirt that may have built up over time. This includes cleaning behind your toaster and kettle as well!

Our professionals will even clean around the edges of your freezer and pantry so you can enjoy a spotless cupboard when you move into your new home!

Vacuum And Mop All Floors

The next step of the end of lease cleaning is to clean all floors. You need to vacuum all carpets and rugs, mop all hard floors, wipe all tiles and grout (if you have it), wipe and dust all walls, doors, windows, and skirting boards.

Dust Furniture And Ceilings

Dust furniture and ceiling fans. Dust all surfaces of your furniture, including the top and sides. Use a soft cloth to dust the light fixtures and moldings around your ceiling fan. Then, clean the corners of each room’s ceiling so that you can remove any cobwebs that may have accumulated there over time. Finally, wipe down your ceiling fan blades with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any dust that has built up on them over time.

Remove Cobwebs From Corners And Ceilings

If you’re lucky, your rental property will be free of cobwebs. But if you’re not so lucky and there are some in the ceiling or corners of the room, you can either use a broom to remove them or get out a vacuum cleaner with a cobweb attachment. Alternatively, if you want to avoid getting dusty yourself, just take up that wet cloth again and wipe down those nasty webs!

Clean Windows, Window Sills, And Window Tracks

It is important to clean all the windows of your house before you leave them at the end of lease cleaning. The best way to do this is to use a cloth that has been dipped in warm water and soap. Scrub the window until it looks spotless then rinse with water. If any residue remains on the glass after rinsing, dry it with another dry cloth until it disappears completely.

You should also clean the window sills and tracks as well because they are part of your home’s exterior look as well as its insides’ healthiness (by keeping pests out). For these surfaces, use warm water mixed with soap or detergent and wipe them down thoroughly with a soft cloth until all dirt has come off


We hope we’ve given you a good idea of what to expect from a professional End Of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne service. We know that the process can be stressful, so it’s important to have all your bases covered beforehand and then leave the rest up to us! With our experienced team at your side, we know you will be able to get back into your home with ease.


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